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Avaldatud: 23 March, 2017

Smoke sauna culture

March 24th -25th 2017 in Lithuania, Vilkiškės Vilniaus region, Vabalynė takes place the kick off meeting of the Project Smoke Sauna Cultural Heritage is a Common Value.

The project Smoke Sauna Cultural Heritage is a Common Value purpose is to build up Nordic and Baltic international network of the organizations who are safeguarding of the smoke sauna intangible heritage.
Smoke sauna is common practice of cultural heritage and rural traditional lifestyle in Nordic Countries and in the Baltic Countries. Smoke sauna cultural heritage is a common value of the sustainable richness of the life in the Baltic Sea region. Urban lifestyle endangers rich set of customs connected to the smoke sauna. The smoke sauna customs are still partly alive in Southern Estonia, Northern Latvia, in some parts of Finland and Lithuania. In every named country, there are personas and organizations interested and carrying knowledge and experience.

During the project, the Nordic and Baltic network of the smoke sauna intangible heritage will:
*build up the network of the interested organizations (NPO);
*map the needs of the international cooperation;
*work out the strategy of safeguarding the smoke sauna heritage;
*publish the information about networking and safeguarding the smoke sauna heritage in project partners home pages in English and in national language.
The advantage of the international cooperation is to learn form the best practice of each other. In every project partner county is different strong expertise in intangible heritage of smoke sauna as well as in the safeguarding if the heritage of smoke sauna.

The aim of the kick off meeting is to get to know each other, to start to map the needs of the international cooperation, to plan the next actions and meetings to build up the network and work out the strategy of the safeguarding the smoke sauna heritage.

Next meetings will be held in Finland and in Estonia.

The partners of the project are: Praojektipartnerid on MTÜ Sann and Süük, Võro Selts VKKF, Finnish KANSAINVÄLINEN SAUNALIITTY RY, International Smoke Sauna Club, Finnish Sauna Culture Society, Lietuviškos pirties biciuligu draugija, Lietuvos Pirties – SPA federacija

The Project Smoke Sauna Cultural Heritage is a Common Value is financed by Nordic Council of Minister`s Office in Estonia

With warmest regards

Eda Veeroja
Project manager
+372 5032341