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Avaldatud: 6 märts, 2014

Smoke sauna days

People interested in smoke saunas have the chance to take part in at least two smoke sauna related events this spring and summer:

May 1 – SPRING FAIR and BIG SAUNA DAY in the Estonian Open Air Museum. Smoke sauna traditions of old Võrumaa have been presented for the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Estonian Open Air museum will heat all their saunas to honor the old Võrumaa smoke sauna traditions and to introduce the Estonian sauna customs.

The main topics are the heating of saunas, the sauna traditions, the healing powers of saunas and their importance in the life of Estonians.  The soaps, whisks, the building of saunas, “the sauna people” and households without saunas are also going to be discussed.

The spring fair provides you with Estonian handicraft, products made in farms or small businesses and all kinds of interesting goods to look at or buy.

In the second week of August there is going to be a smoke sauna week in Haanjamaa. Visitors are invited from the 7th to 10th August to see and go to saunas. There will also be sauna-themed workshops that visitors are free to attend. In the evenings there are going to besimman parties where visitors can have fun dancing, singing or just enjoying the traditional music. Fancywork and the Sunday rest are held in the suvõtarõ (the summer house).

For additional information and reservations contact

Eda Veeroja

Mobile: +3725032341