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Avaldatud: 3 august, 2015

Smoke Sauna Week

Thursday, the 6 th of August

12:00 Workshop of the Smoke sauna intangible heritage instructed by Ahto Kaasik in Mooska farm

Friday, the 7th of August

12:00 Workshop of the Smoke sauna intangible heritage: traditional wood construction. The workshop is instructed by Aivar Jallai in Ööbiksaarefarm

19:00 Village hopp in Tuulepesa farm. 

Saturday, the 8th of August THE SAUNA DAY

10:00Workshop of the Smoke sauna intangible heritage and smoke sauna film in Haanja Community Centre. The sauna families take sauna guests to saunas to heat sauna, participate in typical farm work and ENJOY THE SAUNA.

Sunday, the 9th of August

11:00 visit to local smoke saunas to explore the different types of saunas (duration 2 – 3 hour).  Meeting at Papi Farm in Plaani village. The tour is guided by Silver and Krista Näkk.

13:00 – 15:00 Traditional handicraft day for the whole family in Suur Munamägi, where different handicraft workshops and folk music performances take place.

Additional information about the Smoke Sauna Week:

Eda Veeroja
+372 5032341

Booking in advance is required
Participation fee: 10€ per person (sauna day); 15€ per person (workshop)

Registration: Eda Veeroja

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